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The most amazing experience, delivered with kindness and compassion. 
I highly recommend every yoga teacher take this course to find and experience the Bliss side of Yoga.

Next intake September 2024

Between the practices of Yin Yoga & Yang Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Power Yoga there is another style of practice that leads its practitioners into the Sattvic state of Equilibrium, Balance and Harmony.

Bliss yoga is a mindful, breath centred practice with gentle explorations of movement that create a feeling of deep peace, relaxation, and contentment... Pure Bliss!

It develops:

  • mental clarity and emotional calm,

  • physical freedom and relaxation and

  • balanced & sustained energy levels.

In Bliss practices students are encouraged to move at their own pace,

in their own way and to explore the sensations in their own body.

There's no-one else to please, no-one to keep up with and no-one to impress.

It's all about each individual’s well-being.

Bliss Yoga may be practiced by anyone who can Breathe. I have been using these practices both personally and in my Therapeutic Yoga Clinic for many years now with people from all walks of life, people with all manner of medical conditions and all manner of Co-morbidities. This subtle style of practice is inclusive, and has powerful and long-lasting effects when used regularly.

This 50 hour CPD Teacher Training is open to all certificated Yoga Teachers.

A Certificate is awarded upon completion and is worth 50 CPD points.

The training runs over 6 days and the curriculum covers:

  • The Pancha Maya Kosa

  • The Tri Guna

  • Sthira & Sukha

  • The Autonomous & Somatic Nervous Systems

  • The Nerve Plexuses

  • Cranial Nerves

  • The Fascial Network & Functional Lines

  • The Nadis & Chakras

  • The Pancha Prana Vayus

  • The Importance of being present

  • Observing through the eye of the Witness

  • Brahmana, Langhana & Sattvic Practices

  • How to structure a class that brings balance to Body, Mind & Energy.

This training is sure to take your teaching to the next level!

e-mail for more information and to apply:


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