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Lipoedema & Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema Lower Limb
Lymphoedema Upper limb
Lipoedema Stages Lymph Therapy
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A wonderful example

of why

"Eat less and

exercise more"

is terrible advice for

Lippy ladies.

Lipoedema is a disease of Connective / adipose tissue.

Lymphoedema is a disfunction of the Lymphatic system.

Both are incurable.

Lipoedema is a hereditary, progressive condition which is estimated to affect approx. 11% of women worldwide.

It was listed as a disease by the W.H.O in 2018 and is still greatly misunderstood.

There is currently no definitive laboratory tests to diagnose this disease.


It usually presents during times of Hormonal changes (Puberty, Pregnancy, Menopause).
It presents bi-laterally but does not affect the hands or feet.
There are currently 4 different types and 4 stages of this disease recognised.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Disproportionate body shape (upper body is much smaller than the lower body, often requiring different clothing sizes for top and bottom)

  • Sore/painful, heavy legs often leading to fibrotic tissue

  • Frequent Bruising of the legs

  • Small lumps felt under the skin on the thighs, bottom &/or abdomen.

  • Orange peel appearance to the skin on the thighs, bottom &/or abdomen

  • “Bingo-wings” of the triceps region of the arms


Conservative measures for slowing the progression of this disease include:

  • Low carb / Keto diet

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD Massage)

  • Compression stockings

  • Water walking / swimming (the water provides compression)

  • Sequential Pneumatic Pumping Devices

  • Vibration Boards & Rebounding


Lipoedema is diet and exercise resistant causing many women to turn to expensive, painful, invasive Liposuction procedures to slow the progression of the disease.


Lymphoedema can be Primary or Secondary meaning that it either has a known cause (secondary) or an unknown cause (primary).

Primary Lymphoedema can be present at birth (congenital) or it may develop around puberty (Praecox) or around adulthood (Tarda), particularly during pregnancy.

Secondary Lymphoedema is the result of damage to the Lymphatic system either by trauma, surgery, cancer treatments or infection such as from the Filiaris worm (commonly in underdeveloped countries such as India). It usually presents unilaterally.

The appearance is that of a “swollen body part”, ie engorged with fluid.

If left uncontrolled it can lead to fibrosis and Cellulitis.


Lymphoedema is currently managed with Complex Decongestive Therapy.

This, in conjunction with Lymphatic specific Yoga Therapy programmes, are getting excellent results in both India and Australia.   

Upper Limb Lymphoedema

Lower Limb Lymphoedema

Unfortunately, Lipoedema & Lymphoedema can also be concurrent conditions. This is called Lipo/Lymphoedema.

As Lipoedema progresses and there is more accumulation of interstitial fluid, both the Lymphatic system and the Venous system become overworked, overloaded, and compromised. It is a vicious cycle and, if left uncontrolled, leads to gait and mobility issues and negatively impacts the individuals quality of life.

I have Sequential  Pneumatic Pump equipment in clinic and I can tell you that it is greatly reducing the amount of  heaviness & pain that comes with this awful condition.
If you would like some help with conservative management methods, please feel free to reach out to me.

I am qualified in MLD, Prescribing Compression Garments and Sequential Pneumatic Pumping Equipment, Yoga Therapy for the Lymphatic System and Naturopathic Nutrition.

Help is here! You aren't alone xo


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