What people say about Audra

Audra has been a dear friend, a teacher and a life saver ever since I started Yoga back in 2006.

I love her wit, passion and honesty, but most recently, her move into Yoga Therapy has helped me.

Through a series of appointments, she assessed how my body moved and asked questions about my behavioural and daily routines. Audra worked with me to come up with a yoga program that I did with her privately, then at home. These moves have relieved my pain and allowed me to sleep better at night. It is still a work in progress but I feel it has made a big impact on my life.

Many thanks X Helen Rodgers

After living only in my head for decades, thanks to Audra's knowledge and compassionate care, I slowly move into my body again.

An amazing feeling. In a matter of weeks I have achieved what no therapy could do before.

Any one of Audra's classes leaves me in a better state of mind & body.

Very often I go to class quite scattered and lost. Something happens in those hours that leaves me calm, centered and able to go on with life again. It is something so hard to describe that it is best to experience it for oneself.

Maybe Audra's gentle, intuitive way to teach yoga is the missing link for the treatment of Body image/Eating disorders. Ever so slowly I learn to make friends with my body, and sometimes even to listen to it. No psychotherapy can teach you how things feel, get accustomed with the Mind/Body connection. Instead of being stuck in my head, I now go out and experience life. SB.

I have been a yoga student in classes run by Audra for nearly 18 months. I can say without doubt that this has helped reduce chronic pain from ongoing spinal issues while improving my overall wellbeing. For that I'm truly grateful -- Thanks Audra! JL

So blissed to find you again Audra and with your own business that you so deserve. Your yoga class really nurtured my mind and body today. You have an incredible gift that is so special and thank you for sharing it. I will be back and will bring my daughter - it will be good for her too.

Namaste Judy x

“WOW Audra I had an amazing time on pumpkin island. It was invigorating and rejuvenating, will definitely go again....thank you for the experience”...

I have been lucky enough to have been following Audra around like a little groupie for 13 years now.

It all began with a recommendation from a friend when I told her I was interested in starting yoga. 

From the very first class I knew I was where I needed to be.

Audra's knowledge, passion & understanding was evident & her calming voice took me to a Zen like state. 

My healthy addiction to yoga began immediately. In a very short time I could feel the benefits, as my body began to re-align, recharge & repair. I had been wearing a knee brace for years from a previous injury which I have not put back on since!

That was my first light bulb moment & there have been a steady stream of so many more over the years thanks to Audra & her expert instructing.

I was lucky enough to begin my first experience of Yoga Retreats with Audra too, which are just heaven on earth & are still something I attend regularly, along with the beautiful friends & community that have also come from meeting Audra. 

It truly is a mind, body, spirit journey that is constantly evolving. You learn to just breathe & be in the moment & centre, which helps me every day, I have always said everybody needs yoga in their life. It just helps you face everything in the right mindset.

I am so lucky & grateful to now call Audra a dear friend 13 years on. 

Audra's knowledge & teaching has deepened over the years, she is an amazing instructor, who truly loves what she does. I cannot speak highly enough of Audra's yoga & the benefits from it.

NAMASTE Melanie Cassidy

5 stars!

Audra is a great yoga teacher. Her lessons are personal, varied and she challenges me every week. I can not say enough good things about Audra.

Tahnee Jones

I just wanted to say the biggest heartfelt thanks to you, you beautiful soul for all your time and energy organising the most relaxing, exciting and inspiring retreat ever! The yoga was amazing, the massages were so relaxing and the entertainment was exhilarating and so much fun!! Beach challenges, trivia night, treasure hunt and celebrity heads were the absolute best! Thanks so much to Phil and the team!

Another big thank you to Inez and her team of foodies for creating the most delicious meals and all dietary requirements taken care of, fantastic effort!

I literally cannot wait for the next retreat, no matter where it is, as long as it has your beautiful soul and energy, it too will be life changing for all who attend.

Much love and gratitude,

Keron x

I have been enjoying Audra's yoga classes for many years now. From my very first class I was hooked. I was so impressed with her style of teaching and how well her choice of poses flow throughout her sessions. I have also been lucky enough to experience two of Audra's Yoga Retreats. I can not wait until the next one!! xxoo Many Galbraith.

I was so pleased with my hour long one on one Yoga session with Audra in helping me feel confident and become conscious of my alignment in  Bakasana - crow pose and Chaturanga. Even though I have been practicing Yoga for 9 years, and training as a Yoga Teacher, these asana are still very difficult for me, so I decided to see Audra to help me with the correct positioning of my body to avoid any long term strain on my already weak shoulders. Audra gave me movements that prepared me for the peak poses in which I wanted to focus on. As you can imagine, by the end of my session, I was super excited to have achieved a Crow Pose not once, but a few times. Thank you so much Audra for your patience, your knowledge in helping me achieve my concerns and for giving me information that will only enhance my future Yoga Practice.

Forever grateful, Namaste. Kim

I have been attending Audra's yoga classes for more than 10 years. She is an amazing teacher who can really guide you to connect your body with your mind, It's not just an exercise class. Audra helps you to stay focussed and connect the movements with the breath whilst keeping you aware of every tiny piece of muscle in your body. The movements and postures during the class then all lead you to drift into Savasana. The result at the end of the session is the feeling of rejuvenation. Thank you Audra!

Genevieve Lajoie

I love Audra's teaching style and I'm quite picky with my yoga teachers!

She challenges you at every level and is a very lovely lady.

Tunde Antal

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